Going back ?! – The time after being an aupair 

So here we go. I just need to get things off my chest again. I went back to England so I can visit my hostfamily. I needed to see them because there have been some things we didn’t talked about yet. At that point it wasn’t sure if I would be their aupair again this summer or if they would get a new one. It made me feel really uncomfortable because how do you talk about things like that without pushing them into a certain direction?

So I knew I would feel way better to talk about that with them in person and i just wanted to go back and see them all! 

And that’s what I did ! I took a coach this time because it was so much cheaper. On the way to London I sat next to a nice Indian man and we just talked a lot. At Calais we had to get out of the bus and went on to ferry where I was lucky enough to experience a beautiful sunrise. 

When we got London on Thursday I went straight to Camden and had breakfast at the cereal killer café. I walked through Camden market a little bit and took a boat to Little Venice. It was such a nice trip but I was so exhausted after my sleepless night that I nearly felt asleep. After I got back to Camden I bought myself some lunch and went to Primrose Hill to get some rest. Finally it was officially time to go “home” to my hostfamily. 

We were all so excited to see each other! I went to the park with my host girl and we had a good time. 

I planned to have a picnic with my British friend the next day at Holland Park but she didn’t showed up so I went back quiet disappointed. 

I went back to my hostmum and picked her up from work. We went to pick up my hostgirl and I was so excited because it was my very first time to see a British school that close! She had cricket training so I joined her. While she was playing cricket I got a call from my friend, that I was supposed to meet that morning for a picnic and we were able to meet up at a pub nearby. 

It was super fun and I got to meet her boyfriend. While I was hanging out with them it just felt like my British accent got super natural. I’ve never had that before and i felt so so happy because that was one of the things on my bucketlist.

I got home and we watched some Netflix together. 

On Saturday we meant to have a nice girl trip to Hampton court with my hostmum and my hostgirl. But we had so much to prepare for the BBQ later that evening that there wasn’t even the time for that trip. 

Actually that makes me quiet sad because I wish I could have went somewhere new. 

After the big grocery shopping trip we went home and I took my hostgirl to the town centre. We went into the bank so she could get her coins on her bank account and while that we had a argument. 

She didn’t want to stay in those black fields where you have to wait for the former costumer to leave. So I told her to stay her and she gave me such an attitude. So I told her off and was really pissed (sorry can’t say it any nicer) 

I had to bring her to ballet and so after she was in her dancing class I was sending messages to my friend (she’s a kindergarten teacher) and told her about this frustrating argument we just had.

I already felt way better after and I decided to just talk as much as needed.

While we were waiting for her mum she kinda realised and when we came back home she offered me some sweets and I guess that was her way to try to make it up for her behaviour. 

Her friend (that I looked after from time to time while being an aupair) came over for the BBQ and things got more relaxed.

Me and her friend get along very easily as we both love to hug and cuddle and I just love that. 

On Sunday we wanted to have a picnic with some of my hostmums friends but we just didn’t went because the weather was pretty unpredictable. 

We talked a lot, watched a movie and the it was time for me to say goodbye. 

So as you all know my hostgirl doesn’t hug anybody else then her family. NORMALLY! 
But she did huge me that day !!!! Without anybody telling her to !!!! This really touched me deeply because I just didn’t thought would ever do that. 

And her brother gave me a goodbye hug too!!!

When do you have the privilege of getting a hug in those grumpy teenagers these days? 

You know, all these things made me realise that all those arguments, tantrums and whatsoever have been worth it. 

Love, respect and kindness is always the key. 

And so I had to leave them once again.

My busdrive home to Germany was horrible. The bus was full with people, I did have one of those back seats and felt sick. 

And when we got to the ferry there was a thunderstorm, which really worried me because of the ferry ride. 

But at the end I made it home. Exhausted, tired but safe.

That’s the news of today. I hope you all have a great day 




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