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Why did you decide to become an aupair ? 

I decided to become an aupair because I really enjoy working with Children. Also I always always wanted to live abroad ! I could not decided if America or England would be better for me, but my short time frame made the decision easily. 

Did you choose an agency? 

Nope. Agency’s won’t deal with a short term aupair under 3 months. 

What was your first impression of your hostfamiliy and your new home? 

My first impressions was that they are much more sympathetic then all the other family’s. My new home seemed just fine, but my hostfamiliy wasn’t able to sent any pictures because they were so busy. But my hostmom wrote an very long email about their house which I thought was really cute and funny.

What were your biggest fears ?

Definitely getting kicked out or being treated as a maid. I just wanted us to get along. I was really lucky that they have been as nice as they seemed in their emails and calls etc. 

What did a day in your life looked like? 

Because of the school holidays very different every day!  We did a lot of things which was such a blessing for me, because I could see and learn a lot of new things.

I had to get up at about 7am, went downstairs, had a lovely talk with my hostmom while having breakfast and planning the day. She went off to work and I woke the kids up at about 9 and had breakfast with them. Then my host girl did her homework and we had fun on the trampoline. Then we went to the park, had lunch after that and whatever we had planned was happening. Between 3 – and 5 pm my hostmom got home and I just had dinner with them or went out. I found myself on the couch watching Netflix with them or having a Skype conversation with my loved ones at home. 

What did I miss the most while being in England ?

My friends and family!  I went to a lot of beautiful trips all by myself and I just wanted somebody to experience all those things with me.

Did you extend ?

I would have loved to. Her friend offered me to stay and watch her kids, but I couldn’t because of many duties back home 

Did your aupair time turned out to be like you thought it would ? 

Yes and No.

Expectations vs reality is in general a big topic for aupairs. They can make you feel even better or worse. Be aware of what you expect so that you can talk about it very clear to your future hostfamily in your aupair application. And we all know about them deep inside.

My hostfamily was way better than I ever expected. Somehow I always heard so many bad things from aupairs that went to England what may be the reason why I didn’t expected to much. So when I realised that I was going to live with such a nice family I felt even more grateful. 

But I also expected my hostgirl to love cuddling which she didn’t. I had to learn to accept that fact and to respect it. She is a human being and she can decide how close she wants to be to a “stranger” that is suddenly taking care of her. Also be aware that in my chase I was an short term aupair and a deep relationship takes a lot of time! 

There is no one to blame.

As long as the children you are looking after are having a good relationship with their parents everything is alright.

And I mean we still had a lot of fun.

It doesn’t mean that a child hates you because it doesn’t want to cuddle.

Which places did you visit ?

London obviously. There is so much to do !!!!!

Then Brighton and Oxford which both very pretty amazing.

To find out more check out my blogpost about my bucketlist or my aupair blogposts in general !

How has the time as an aupair influenced you as an person? 

My time as an aupair changed me not as much as other aupairs, because it was such a short time. But I try to be more open minded. But I guess that is just what living abroad will do to everyone. Oh and I am still super curious about England.

Different cultures are so interesting! 

What is your #1 advice for future aupair’s? 

Be picky with your hostfamily and take your time!  Don’t rush things. And listen to that little feeling inside, that tells you if the family is the right one for you or not. It can be your guide if you listen to it.

Hope that this blogpost was interesting and maybe even useful to some of you !

See you soon 




  1. Your last point is really important, I totally agree. The first time I was so happy that a family actually wanted me, that I said yes without even skyping with other families. I can’t say that I regret how it went, cause I grew with the situation. But the second time I looked for a family I took my time, asked the right questions and spoke to their previous aupairs, too.
    I the end there is always a family you’ll click with 🙂
    See you, Saskia xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • True words. So glad to hear that I’m not the only one thinking that way ! I am so glad that it went that way, because especially as short term aupair you will have lots of other people applying to the same family, which will make you feel like you need to say yes to the first family right away. X

      Liked by 1 person

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