Another day in San Francisco 

Day two started way better than my first day in North California because we both had an amazing breakfast at IHOP . I had pancakes with raspberries and some hash brown potatoes. I can really recommend IHOP  and can’t wait to come back soon. We went down to pier 39 and just enjoyed watching the sea lions there. They were just hanging around there, constantly teasing each other. 

We could have spent ages just watching them interacting with each other. We walked up the stairs to some kind of sea museum about pier 39 and found some handsome shops on the other side. I couldn’t resist and bought myself a pullover and food magnets for my loved once. After I had finished my souvenir shopping we went to Fishermen’s wharf.

We found some old gambling machine’s there. Soon after that we decided to see the painted ladies. There is a park in front of them, where we walked through. We just walked from there on through San Francisco and I can’t even exactly tell you where we have been. We got lost in beautiful parks and just enjoyed exploring. At some point we found ourselves in front of a Japanese garden and took an uber back at the hotel, were we rested for a bit and finally went to the famous Lombard street. We continued our tour to the place where they turn the cable car’s.  It was really interesting because the Cable cars are driving on this platform and then some men just turned the cable car around. Down at Fisherman’s Wharf we decided to get sourdough bred with tuna and some chowder soup inside of a sourdough bred bowl. I was supposed to have the soup but after I found out what chowder really is I quickly switched my soup against my bf Tuna sandwich. After we had dinner I realised that there was going to be a beautiful sunset after all the rain. So I quickly went to a pier to take some photos.

I feel so lucky, seeing that on our last full day in San Francisco. It was such a perfect ending and it felt like San Francisco wanted to make up for that weather we had. 
I was super excited to go “home”. South California is really way better when it comes to the weather. At least in my experience.

Hope you all enjoyed that overdue blog post and the pictures. 



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