Arriving in San Francisco and feeling miserable 

I love getting up really early when it comes to travelling. I mean I won’t beven able to sleep anyway so where is the point of sleeping in? Plus time is limited and I am so curious about the places I go. Why waste it? When we decided to go back to LA I knew that I would need to experience San Francisco. So we tried to find a way to get there without a rental car. My friend A.suggested that we should take Megabus. So we paid 40$ from LA to San Fran with seat reservation. We started in Downtown, LA Union Station. Besides the strong AC, the busride itself was pretty OK.  We had WiFi and a stop at a gas station, where I got some Corn dogs. We drove the short way so it wasn’t as pretty as the Pacific Coast highway to San Francisco. We went from warm, semi desert LA to green Teletubbies hills and Flowers to dark green and cloudy San Francisco. So there we finally were. San Francisco. And I ? I can’t tell you why, but I felt miserable. We just got out of the Bus and I just wanted to cry. It didn’t seem pretty at all. I didn’t feel save. So we immediately got an uber to our motel at the famous Lombard street. After we had unpacked everything I felt a bit better. So we decided to got to the Golden gate Bridge and ordered another Uber. The Uber driver was really nice and everything we had to know about San Francisco. The ride up to the Golden gate Bridge was beautiful and helped me to calm down and starting to like San Francisco with it’s different colours and houses and the cold, rainy weather. We got off at the presidio park. 

And I still can’t believe that I actually saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Everybody knows that there is a lot of fog at the bay area and that it is not for granted that you can see anything. So I am forever thankful that I could enjoy that magical moment. We walked down to the beach, had some soup and just walked around. Our motel didn’t offered any food so we went into Safeway. After our little shopping tour we went into our motel and straight to bed.

After such an exhausting day I felt asleep really fast, excited for a new day to come. I was still feeling so strange without our American friends. But way better already.

That was my very first day in San Fran. Hope you enjoyed today’s blogpost.



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