Back in LA – Walk of Fame

Welcome to today’s blogpost.

So we just got back from Las Vegas at that point. We were super exhausted, so we decided to take it easy that day. We went to the Walk of Fame. I have been there before but I thought that it would be super nice to go back. We took a Uber there and walked along the stars.

In my opinion you don’t need to plan a lot of time there. We went into some souvenir shops, where I really found amazing gifts for my family and friends.

We went to the Chinese theather, where they celebrate all movie premiers in Hollywood and where you can find hand- and footprints of many movie stars.(Mine fit’s with Emma Watson – HAHA)

Walk of Fame can get boring because it basically is just some names on the sidewalk. So we decieded to stop at that point and rather search for some IN & OUT’S Burgers.

Lucky us they had that in walking distance!

After that we went home and relaxed.

Later that evening we went to soccer practices with J.

It is so crazy to see all those people playing soccer surrounded by palm trees on a field out of fake grass. We had dinner together and relaxed and packed for San Francisco.

That was day number 5.

Hope you all had a nice day!





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