Magical blogpost – Warner Bros studios tour 

Hello potterheads! I’m back!

And as you may have noticed this blogpost will be filled with my love for Harry Potter once again.

So I’ve been to the studios when I went to London 2013. So when I came back this year I thought I wouldn’t go there, till I saw that there was a new part which they didn’t had when I was there the other day. This part was all about platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts express ! Also I didn’t had the tour guide last time (which is a shame !) so I didn’t learned as much about the magic behind Harry Potter as I wanted to. My plan was to just get tickets for the studios, which where sold out. So I looked for tickets with transport from London Victoria coach station and got back to the same company, where I booked last time – golden tours. They didn’t had many tickets left either but I got mine for 60£ with the bus transport ! So Way more expensive. Nice thing was that we watched the first movie while driving to the studios.

We arrived at 11 am, had some security checks and I finally got my Audio guide. (5£)

You will see Harry’s room under the stairs first and then continue through some rooms till you get into the great hall of hogwarts. You will get into a bigger hall after that with different sets from the Harry Potter movies. Dumbeldors office, Gryffindor common room, the potion class room and many more. It is so fascinating to see what they did ! All this details, the ideas, the techniques they had are so amazing. The knife that cuts automatically without being touched is just a little example.

The best thing are the knight bus, the chess figures that moved, buckbeak and hagrids electronical head. I am really impressed by all of that. At the cafeteria I had some butter beer and continued to Diagon alley. Diagon alley is magnificent and also a place to see all the amazing work of the Harry Potter movies. The last stop then was the hogwarts castle, which somehow very special to me too. I ended up at the Harry Potter shop buying my host kids some chocolate flies and then getting the bus back.

We continued Harry Potter and the philosopher stone on our way back which was really nice because it made time go by quickly.

So that’s enough magic for today.

Cheers for reading



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