Last two days – saying goodbye 

Hello ! Today’s blogpost is about saying goodbye.

So my time as an aupair went to an end quiet quick because I was really busy. First I did spent some time with my hostgirl and then started packing and washing here and then. I must be super weird, because most of my suitcase was filled with food, cats and not clothes.

I also helped washing and ironing for my hostfamily because they were going on vacation the morning after I left. So with all that I had to say goodbye – which was quiet sad on the one hand, because i know i will miss them very very much but I’m also so excited to see my family and friends.. My little one didn’t want to say goodbye first – but at the end little I gave me a bracelet which was really adorable. We started being super silly, teaching her German and just having fun. We had a quick lunch and went to her moms work. I dropped her off and even got a hug also thought her mom told me she doesn’t do goodbyes.

This moment was kinda weird. Leaving it all behind. My beloved little new hometown, my lovley hostfamily, beautiful London, my beloved British food and my beloved British accent.

I’ve never felt that way before. All this planes, all those scared or excited People, leaving to diffrent places. All the goodbyes, reunions, tears of joy or sadness. Airports have it all.

I don’t know if that all makes me want to cry or just super happy.  It has been wonderful experience for sure and I am forever thankful for it ! I learned a lot in many ways and I really enjoyed my time.

At the plane home we saw a beautiful sunset about the sky which really was a perfect symbol for the ending of my aupair time and for that new start at home ahead of me.

-There will be a new beginning after every goodbye-

No more words here



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