Throwing a tantrum and having lunch in London

Good afternoon !

There are only two days left for me in London ! Can you believe that ?

So on Monday my hostgirl and I went to London to meet my hostdad for lunch. I got lost again but found my hostdads work just in time to pick him up. My little one was so excited to see him. We went to the same restaurant where we’ve been for lunch on my birthday and I had a really British lunch this time. Baked beans, eggs, sausages and bacon. It was really good ! (Or maybe I’m just turning British. haha)

Afte lunch we all went to St. James park, which is really lovely. They have a playground which was really nice for the little one. Then it got a bit ugly because she started throwing a tantrum in the middle of St. James park. Yey. Perks of being an aupair I guess. Anyway so I took her to the sience and national history museum but she didn’t want to stay there because she wanted to pick up her daddy. So we sat there 20 minutes waiting till her dad could join us. I. was very happy and we all went home.

At least I saw London again and had a nice lunch. Anyway.

Hope you all had a great day.

Bye bye



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