Last Sunday with my hostfamily and Skygarden 

Hello world !

I really do feel sorry for not posting as much as I want to but it’s just getting very stressful at the moment.

My very last Sunday is already over. I’m really sad to leave my wonderful hostfamily but also so excited to see my loved ones! So I decided that I really want to spent some time with my hostfamily so we went on a walk in the forest. We got home, had lunch and my hostfamily went off to go shopping. And because I got a ticket for skygarden very spontaneously I went off to London. Skygarden is for free, but there aren’t many tickets at moment. So you have to be lucky. There is a little bar in Sky garden where you can have drinks while enjoying the view over beautiful London. There is also a restaurant in the middle of sky gardens which seems to be quiet nice.

At 5 pm I had a short meet up with an Danish aupair, which was a mess. As a person that is very much on time it really bothered me that she was so late.

We walked around, talked and then she told me that she will meet a another aupair for a movie.

So I brought her to the cinema and I continued on my own. Quiet rude right ? But nevermind, because I found china town walking around on my own. And it was really interesting because we do not have  that in Germany. But I didn’t just found China town, I also expired Covent Garden that day !

So here we go. My bucketlist is getting to an end, so is my time as an aupair.

So make sure to use and appreciate all the time you have.

Cheers from England



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