Camden, Primrose Hill, Regentspark and Piccadilly Circus 

Good evening ! What a special day. I got to do million things. First of all I finally saw Camden. And what can I tell you ?

I’m hopeless in love with that place. Especially with all this good looking, different kind of food. I’ve been there on my own, because no other aupair replied fast enough or didn’t replied at all. After the big food part I saw a lot of unique shops and very interesting people.

After Camden my way leaded me to primrose hill, which isn’t far away from Camden, so you can connect those two things. The view was breathtaking and the park was really busy!

Next to primrose hill is Regent’s Park (and the Zoo) so I continued to walk there, then to the next tube station. I got off at Oxford Circus and walked to Picadilly circus,  and eventually went into a shop. I also bought a little present at M&Ms world before I finally decided to go back home.

So if you ever go to London: be prepared for walking!!! It’s really worth it as you can see.

Cheers !



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