alone at home and meeting my aupair neighbor

Hello people all over the world. Did you had a good day? I didn’t do a lot yesterday because my hostmum arraigned a play date. After that I had to bring my two hostkids to their grandparents house because their parents had a night out in London. Back in town I ended up in the little shopping centre we have and I bought a very cute Jumper. I decided to meet up with an aupair, that lives in the same town after dinner and that was the best decision I’ve ever made. She is from Spain and we had a really good time going through two pubs/ bars. After our long talks we realised that we are basically neighbors without knowing !!! Aaaah I’m so so upset that I didn’t met her earlier. But that’s the way it is when you are a short time aupair. I will try to meet up with her again ! Just nice to know that there is somebody.

If should become an aupair please do me a favour and make millions of contacts in you area right at the beginning !!! It will make your stay much more fun.

Off to Camden and Primrose hill now!

Love from England



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