Paradise for kids

Hello my lovely readers out there !

Time for a new blogpost, right ?

Normally I have Wednesday’s off. But this Wednesday I had to help out because my hostdad had an appointment with my hostboy, where he couldn’t bring I. In the morning we all prepared food together, a banana cake and corned beef, with baked beans and mashed potatoes. The boys had to leave after that, so my hostgirl and I watched robots and went on the trampoline. My hostmom asked me to feed her friends cats, which lives near the park with a Playground. We used this opportunity and had a fun time there too! Shortly after that we had dinner and went to rugby training with the boys. It wasn’t that exciting because they were not allowed to play a real rugby game. Instead they trained their running skills and that kind of things.

On Thursday we all went off to what I call an paradise for kids. My hostmom dropped us there quiet early and the first things we did was searching for green “crystals” in the sand box. We found 45 of them, which is really good ! They all wanted to go on the high wires so I honestly just relaxed, laying on my jacket while watching them climbing.

After they did that a thousand times we continued to those rolls.

They loved those too !

After lunch we got back to the high wires and continued to the indoor playground. I really wished we had that when I was a kid ! It was just awesome. We got some ice cream then and enjoyed watching the people and animals while walking.

See I told you ! It’s really really perfect for age 5 and older. And it has so much to offer !

We got picked up at 4pm, went home and just relaxed after that long time playing.

That’s enough for today !





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