Drama, drama, drama. Again !

Cheers guys ! How are you ?

Yesterday was a dramatically day for me little one. In the morning she said she was having a suprise for me but her mom told me that it was about going out for lunch. So that was ok, we’ve both have been happy with that. We had a good time, painting nails listening to music and stuff. Suddenly, when I asked her to do her homework, that she has to do everyday, she started throwing a tantrum. I told her that I couldn’t go out with her if she wouldn’t stop. She said that I am so mean and unfair but that’s just my task her parents gave me. An hour later she eventually gave up and I. did finally finished  her homework and we went our for a big lunch. We had a bacon and egg sandwich and a burger (My hostgirl really wanted some chips so I took that menu with the burger) after we had lunch we eventually had ice cream at Mc Donald’s and picked up her mom at work. We were there an hour early because she really wanted to pick her up. I did all my best to keep her from disturbing her mum so we walked around the town. Then we finally got to pick her up.

We got home, my hostmum made dinner and she and my hostdad went out after that. I watched the first Harry Potter with them and my little girl got a bit scared. Thanks god her parents came home before the end and could make her more comfortable.

Even if she loves me in her own way, she didn’t want me to cuddle her at that point, which is fine. I’m a short time aupair. The topic relationship is very difficult, which I will talk about in another blogpost hopefully very soon.

Ok. Enough drama for today.

Enjoy your time, wherever you are right now.




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