Family day

Sunday was such a lazy day. I read a book and suddenly my hostfamily told me that the brother of my host dad will come over with all his 4 kids in 15 Minutes. So we got everything ready as fast as we could. We had a really good time hanging out in the garden and watching them all playing on the trampoline. The parents of my hostmum came over too, so it got very busy. I really love the family of my hostfamily so far. (My hostfamily is awesome too, no worries !) so that was basically Sunday. A big deal the last few days are the olympics! Everyone loves to watch them here  in my hostfamily, which is interesting for me because I can’t imagine being a 8 year old girl watching something like that. And nobody I know is watching the Olympics in Germany anyway. Nevermind. Monday was a bit rough at the beginning because my dearest hostkid didn’t wanted to do her work. But we kinda fixed it. We’ve been to the park and even went swimming , which was so much fun. That’s it for today ! Hope you enjoyed it.




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