Getting lost in London 

Good evening. Did you had a good day?

Ok. Take a cup of tea or a hot chocolate and biscuits. Time for my blogpost.

First of all , I’m so horrible at writing lately, sorry for that. Anyway. Yesterday was really exciting for me because I got to meet a good friend of mine from Germany. We were little just being super stupid and had fun while walking from London eye, to Westminster abbey, to Tower of London. The weather was perfectly sunny (and way to hot) in London so we had perfect conditions for taking millions of photos of London (and catching Pokemons…). It took us ages to get to the Tower of London. When we got there we were starving and we needed something to drink so we got fish and chips. Yummie !!! when we finished our lunch I already had to say goodbye to them because she had to go home. But my day wasn’t over then. I wanted to meet an aupair from Slovenia at Nottinghill  so I went into the tube. Oh dear. When I got down to the tube that I thought would take me there it didn’t really worked out because I didn’t even found the station and it was always the wrong tube. I finally went on one and kinda figured out that this wouldn’t take me where I was supposed to meet up with the other aupair. But we found each other at the end (even after I got lost and being super late) She was so nice and fun. We went to portobello market and had some drinks in different pubs. She is still with her first hostfamily, which makes me happy to know because I always heard horrible story’s about hostfamilys in England. We wanted to go home after that but there was a guy trying to talk to us. My friend told him that she’s lesbian and gave him a wrong number, which I find quiet funny. We went through Hyde park, which was just as lovely as always. After I said goodbye to her, it was time for me to go home.

Hope you liked today’s blogpost!

Good night and have fun



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