Birthday business 

Hello ! I’m back 🙂 I didn’t really wanted to talk about that but I guess I have too. Lol. Eventually I turned a year older again. And my lovely hostfamily was taking care of me having a good one. First I had pancakes (I eventually told my hostgirl about my unconditional love for them haha) so that’s they got me for breakfast. After that me and my hostboy went the London dungeons. And oh dear I was so scared. (without ever been there before) But we got inside and went through the old streets of London. We had to survive the fire of London and Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd aarh. It was totally awesome. After we survived the dungeons we met up with my host dad for lunch, which was very lovely. He also took us to the open for visitors part of the House of Parlament  so that was very nice too! Then my hostboy went to his office with him, and we finally got to go to my host grandparents were I got lots of presents and a birthday surprise. My favourite one was definitely the new Harry Potter book, as you may have noticed. But the rest of the presents have been pretty awesome too, so thanks for that ! After that we had a proper English cup of cream tea and chocolate cake and those things that reminded me of the German raisin buns, with a jam, cream and strawberrys. And we had some lovely sandwiches aswell. At the end my hostgirl felt asleep while sitting at the table. When we got home I had some Skype business going on and editing some pictures.

Yeah that was my lovely birthday/ dungeon / British tea/ House of Parlament adventure today.

Thanks to my lovely hostfamily, especially to my hostgirl.

Hope you all had a good day too.




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