Having to much fun

Let’s keep that short, because I got a book to read.

I woke up, realising that I could have sawn J.K. Rowling on the premiere of Harry Potter and the cursed child in London. So I was quiet angry at myself for not knowing that. But in general Yesterday was a really fun day. My host kids were having friends over, which always means more time for me and doing the household. My hostgirl dressed the boys up, which was super fun. They boys were pretending to be super sassy and girly. After that we went to the playground for a bit and then already off to get my hostgirls friends. They were trying to build a tent (which didn’t really worked out) so I had to help them. But before that they were still having the time of their life’s because they had pillow fight and were just lovely, silly children. 

On enough fun for today ! 




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