How to find British friends and walking through London

Hello, how are you all out there ?

I had a lovely day in London yesterday. Because I finally got to meet my British friend, C. I found her on a international pen pal website. I know kinda weird right ? But no worries. If you Skype, talk and write a lot you will see if the persons are likely to become your friend. I specially looked for British friends to hang out with. Most of them where weird or to didn’t fit. So you may realise that you won’t find British friends easily. I think it’s a mix of most of people in my age here have to work so so hard and are very busy and a lot of them are a bit shy. But C. was exactly what I was looking for. She is just lovely, nice and open minded. That’s all I had asked for. Yeah so when I was on my way to the airport to London I told her that I’m nearby now. Maybe that will help some aupairs in England meeting new people. My british friend and me meet at London eye, which was quiet a disaster because it was so so crowded. But we found each other so it worked out. We walked around, from St. James park to Buckingham palace and had an ice cream inbetween. Everywhere was still over overcrowded because it was a sunny weekend, and a big bicycle race was also happening in the middle of London. Anyway. We continued to Hyde park which was very lovely. We just relaxed a little bit and enjoyed being outside. 

That’s it for today,

Hope you liked it!



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