Having Christmas in summer 

Hello everybody ! Welcome to the 25th December 2016… Ok just kidding. But yesterday was indeed nearly Christmas at my hostfamilys house. Let’s start at the very beginning. In the morning me and my hostgirl went off to the cinema to watch the jungle book. I liked it, even thought I thought it was to scary for children at some points. When we came back we had fun jumping and goofing around at the trampoline and then my hostgirl had some time for herself. Then my hostboy E. came home with a friend and they played around the house and it was my time to prepare dinner. Because my hostmum wanted to show me a traditional Christmas dinner, we made roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and vegetables (green beens, carrots and broccoli), stuffing, Yorkshire pudding (eggs, milk, flour) ,sausages, stuffing (mainly onions, roasted onions and flour as it seemed ) and brown sauce. While me and my hostmum prepared dinner E’s friend played a Christmas song on the piano which was so funny because we all were like : ok Christmas seems to be in summer now. The kids were quiet confused about that haha. But I think that this was such a lovely idea and I really enjoyed just spending time with my hostfamily. 

That’s it for today.

Merry Christmas and happy Friday everyone. 




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