Going to Hogwarts and feeling like Alice in Wonderland – Welcome to Oxford 

Oh dear. Yesterday’s trip started way to early for me. I booked a coach with national express to Oxford and so I just jumped into the adventure. I had to change once at Victoria coach station. And let me tell you: be careful because if you think the rail station, the underground and the bus/coach station are all the same and at the same place you are wrong !!!!

Anyway I found it thankfully. And then got to Oxford !

Oxford is very pretty with all the sand coloured buildings and the architecture.

At the first moment I was super confused and I didn’t know where to go. So I went to the little place where the hop on hop off bus tickets are getting sold. Using map there is how I found the Christ church college. It was very interesting because Harry Potter had been filmed there and it also happens that this is the birth place of the story “Alice in Wonderland”. There was a dean with his daughter, the laughing cat in the tree and the little door. So really nice to be able to understand where that came from.

After that I’ve walked around and found a nice Oxford jumper and an inside market with many delicious things to eat. I somehow ended up at the Radcliffe camera and the bridge of sighs then, which was really nice. If you followed the streets to the bridge you could see little boats that you can drive around on the river. Sadly I didn’t got to drive with one of them because it was way to expensive for me. So I went to the botanical gardens. Adults pay 5£ for it and tbh it was quiet small but pretty. Because it seemed like there was nothing left to see I went back to the bus station and off to London. After I arrived at the station near by my hostmum picked me up which I was very thankful for. Thats the way she shows me how much she appreciates me and my work.

enough for today.

Time for some roasted chicken with stuffing.

All the best



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