Kingston upon the Thames 

Good morning! 

How are you today ?

So me and my hostgirl had an nice day together. But it all started with me being super sleepy downstairs in the kitchen, talking to my host mum what to do today. So my hostkids were already awake so my hostgirl said that we could go to Kingston. I had to be super super quick because my host mum wanted to take us to her work so we could take the bus from there. I was a mess ! But then we made it to the bus stop and got the bus to Kingston. I. and me had the pleasure to go to build a bear where she did a very cute teddy bear. After that we had our lunch, because she wanted Mc Donald’s ice cream so bad. So we had ice cream and walked along the Thames then. It was very nice and pretty and we got to feed the ducks and swans and wild goose. There were many nice restaurants and boats. But then my hostchild got tired so we went back home and she played and listened to music and doing her homework while I took care of her rooms. Then we just had a lovely dinner and me and my hostboy watched hustle. So know that I saw Kingston I can’t wait to go back there as soon as possible. But know it’s time for some Oxford exploring and I also booked tons of Harry Potter related things haha. 
So better be excited! 

All the love 



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