Having fish and chips in Brighton

Welcome to a very exciting day for me. Because I went to Brighton the very first time. Before that I also got to meet my host moms parents. They were really nice and we talked a lot. After lunch we finally went off to Brighton. So when we got there we had to walk a lot because we didn’t parked the car very central. But therefor it was free right ? So when we came to those cute little streets I deeply felt in love with Brighton. We went though some of them and finally arrived at the beach. I’ve never imagend the water being so blue and turqoise. The Beach itself is out of little stones. We went up to the Brighton pier, had some fish and chips and then the kids played in the hall, that reminded me so much of Santa Monica and Las Vegas because it had little gambling machines. It was super crowded because we went there at a weekend but no big deal for me. After that we went home and I booked my National Express coach. Guess where I am going ! Oxford !!! I’m so excited for it, especially to visit one of the places where Harry Potter has been filmed !!! Thanks to my hostfamily that the give me a day at weekdays off to do things like this.

So that was my adventure in Brighton ! I’ll be back for sure !!!



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