First day off and how to do make better things with marshmallows then s’mores …

Hello ! It’s time for a new blogpost right? I had my very first day off  yesterday. So after sleeping as long as I could I went into the city. The City is nice because it has a cinema, a little shopping centre and nice cafes and restaurants. I went to Starbucks and enjoyed watching people passing by and having an ice tea. After that I walked home and read a little bit and then we had a barbecue with some friends of my host family. we decided to have a bonfire after that so my host mum did some food for it. We had just marshmallows, then marshmallows with strawberrys and apples, and bananas with chocolate and marshmallows. So sorry, but no S’mores can reach that in my opinion. We talked for a long time had some Prosecco and enjoyed the nice weather. I was really tired so I went to bed after that.

That’s it for today !

I’ll tell you all about Brighton tomorrow.




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