Busy Friday – cricket and being the best aupair 

Good morning ! I’m just relaxing in Starbucks with a cold drink because it is super hot outside. So back to my busy schedule yesterday. After I woke up I did a bit of cleaning and then woke up the kids again. When I. opend the eyes she looked at me, smiled and said oh M. your the best aupair we ever had. Isn’t that just adorable ? Hahaha. I’m here since Wednesday and she already loves me that much. So we went downstairs, I made omelette for breakfast and then I. had to do homework. After that we had to prepare her room for her friend, that was coming for a sleepover. we went to the cricket field for the first time and played cricket. It was so much fun. We went home, had baked beans on toast for lunch and me and my host girl went off for some swimming. It was lovely. When we came home my host mum was already there and we just had some minutes to relax and went off to get some milk and butter then. Then I.’s friend came over and they played till we left for cricket. It was a very important match because my host boy has the chance to join the Surrey team in his age, which seems to be the best team in England. My host girl just had normal training. My host dad and I.’s friend M. relaxed with me on the field with many other families, while having a British beer. When we came home my host parents brought the girls to bed and we watched some Netflix Shows. That was basically it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post !

Have a nice day. I’m enjoying some British sunshine now.




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