Marmite and Pillow fights – day 2

Time to wake up my dears !

I woke up at 7:30 got ready and went downstairs. My host mum and me had a nice chat about what I have to do and holidays and England and so on. So after that she went to work and I wrote yesterday’s blogpost and waited for the kids to wake up. At 9am I had to wake them up and we had breakfast. And I had my first marmite toast. Marmite is not everybody’s favourite, because there is yeast in it, but I liked it !  We went to the park after that. This Park here is quiet different than the one we have in Germany. It seemed more like a dog park to me with no flowers or fountain, but gras and a playground. As the kids were playing I recognise two little boys playing football (or soccer if you want to call it that way) and I was surprised of how good they are. Sports seems to be a big deal here.

After the kids were done playing we went home, played chocolate witch, and went on the trampoline. My host girl was watching her tv show and then we had lunch. After lunch we had a tickle and pillow fight and just had fun. E, my host boy got picked up by his friend and I continued playing with I.,my host girl. Her mom came home a few minutes later and we all went to the city centre. And let me say I love it ! We got a cinema, a little shopping centre and every thing else you could need. ☺️ We got home and C., my host mum made toast with eggs and bacon for dinner for me and my host girl. That was basically it. We watched some tv and I tried to organise my trip to Oxford. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it but I think I will use mega bus again. But I will keep you updated !  So have a nice day and I will be back soon

Xxx M


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