Arriving in England 🇬🇧

Good morning ! Cat is relaxing on my legs and children are still asleep so here my very first blogpost from the U.K.

I did last minute packing yesterday  and then went to the airport. Thanks god I talked to my hostdad befor the flight because they wanted to pick me up, but couldn’t. So we decided to meet halfway.  I said goodbye to my family and friends and went through all the security checks to my plane to London Heathrow. The flight was good and short, even thought the bread with cheese they gave me was just disgusting. Oh and I could see Big Ben and London eye from above, which was amazing! As soon as I got to Heathrow I made my way to the central bus station. I knew which bus I wanted to take but didn’t knew how to get the right ticket. 

But a friendly lady helped me out and I got my Oyster card and went on. My hostdad and my hostboy picked me up and brought me home. We did a quick grocery shopping and then I just had to take a shower because it was so hot in England. Can you even believe this ? We went off to play some cricket after that, which is a super typical English game. For me it looked like baseball at the beginning, which is not true. You have three woodsticks, a player in front of it, a ball and a racket (if that is the right word) and the person that throws the ball has to aim the woodsticks so they go down. But the one with the racket try’s to beat it back to the woodsticks behind the person that throws. It was super fun to play but I was scared of this very hard ball. At the evening we had a nice barbecue and I played with my hostgirl the game I brought her. After that I just unpacked and went to bed. Oh and one of the cats was relaxing with me while I unpacked which was very funny. 

So that was my first day here!

But I will be back to tell you more soon ! 

Enjoy your day and see you! 



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