Good Morning,I decided to take a break from all my other duties and write a blogpost about Budapest. (No worries America, i will continue with you as soon as possible!)

So  back to Europe. We went on a trip to Budapest. I had literally no idea about Budapest or Hungary in general. So you can tell by now that I was super excited. I went there by train because flights were super expensive and I “just” had those long flights from America behind me. So I was searching for my way to get there. I looked for busses, but that would take way to long in my opinion. So I went there by train via Munich, so I just had to change trains once ! We drove through Austria and I enjoyed looking at all the mountains. After ca. 13 hours I finally arrived in Budapest.

The first thing I did was getting a ticket for Public Transport. I think I paid 3.450 HUF, which is 10.88€ for a monthly ticket (student price!) If you are a student you need an international student ID to get this pass! If you are not a student anymore look up the prices here! It is super cheap and easy to use. Then we went to our hotel to get our baggage in our hotel room. Our hotelroom was small, but clean. Oh and the tram was passing it and yes you have to get used to this noises, if you are normally living in a super quiet street like me. We went to a little restaurant, where we could sit outside. Just to give you an idea. When you have spaghetti with tomato sauce it is 1.390 HUF = 4.38 € ! So pretty cheap too, right? After dinner we just went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning I decided to go to the pool with my roommate. (YES we had a pool !) It was warm and the water was perfect and refreshing.


We had breakfast, which was ok and went on a hop on hop off bus tour after that. We paid 5500 HUF, which is 17,35 €. (Student price again! Adult is 6000 HUF!) The bustour was nice, but not the right for me. In my opinion you have to walk through a city to know it! But that is just my opinion. We saw the Fishermen’s bastion, Citadella, the Zwack museum and many many more things!


It was super beautiful, but we were disappointed by our tour because it has different lines and we waited pretty long while we wanted to change. I would try it with big city bus if I had to do one again! We also stopped at the New York Cafe, which I would love to have a cup of tea and a cake next time!

At lunch time we stopped at the Akvárium Klub. This place was really special because when pass it you first see people dipping their feeds into water and then you may find the stairs down to the place where we were. Inside the Cafe you could see the water above you, which was really nice.



For lunch  I took Fish and Chips and a self-made lemonade.

In general, self-made lemonade seems like a very hungarian thing. I really loved it though! I heard that when this Cafe, restaurant or whatever turns into a club at night it is way busier then. After we all had our lunch we went to through part of Budapest were we could shop and I got some postcards for my loved once and a secret box.
So here an Advice from my tour guide for all my readers that doesn’t know much about Budapest too: Don’t buy a babuschka (wooden dolls) there!!! Or this gemstone eggs. Those things are more belonging to the russian culture!!! The flower things are more hungarian.

So that was my first 24 hours in Budapest. If you are going there soon, or if you went there already you are welcome to share your experience / expectations/ questions here in the comments !

Have a wonderful sunday and I will be back soon!

M xxx



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