New Chapter -AUPAIR

Here we go. You might have an idea now what secret i talked about on instagram. I am going to be an AUPAIR!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!

All the people that know me know that I ALWAYS wanted to be an Aupair. It has been one of my biggest dreams since forever. I always loved working with kids and I know how to get along with them. Also two friends of mine have been an Aupair and told me a lot about it. And I also watch tons of Aupair videos. I fell prepared. And then i do not.

I will give you an overview with 15 Questions.

Where am I going to be an Aupair?

England → London (it’s more Surrey)

How many Kids?

Girl, aged 8 and Boy aged 11

How long am I going to be an Aupair?

1 Month (Summer aupair) I would love to stay longer but this is not possible. So I am glad it worked out. Start is at the 20th of July btw.

Why England?

I don’t know much about England or the Lifestyle there! so Time to change that. I also have a deep love for the british Accent, Sherlock and Harry Potter! And it is not far away.

Where did I found my hostfamily?

What are my biggest dreams?

Finding a second Family in England, learning about the british way of life and getting a British accent !

What are my biggest fears?

My biggest fear is not getting along with my hostfamily!!!

And I am scared that they will kick me out suddenly.

Every time we talk with each other I feel a bit better. But then again I am so scared of that to happen.

So that is what you should know for the beginning. If there are more questions fell free to ask! And also be aware that if you want to be an summer aupair it will be super hard finding a hostfamily and should be well considered ! There will be hundreds of applications for one and the same job! So go and make your profile unique and don’t try to force anything.

That is it for now – Have a nice day!



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