Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! – my very first Roadtrip

6 AM – Super excited. Time to get out of my bed. I didn’t thought i would like Vegas that much. A big city in the middle of a dessert with many casinos, shows, hotels, restaurants – Who even had that crazy idea? I really just went there because my american friend had to go there anyway. We had tons of snacks packed. Reeses, Beef Jerkey, Cheese strings, Oreos, nuts and my alltime favorite- CHEETOS ♥ They are sooo tasty. – Food diary over and out-

So my first roadtrip in the US was pretty ok and not that long with that “just” 5 hours drive. We saw big mountains with snow in Los Angeles, which still makes me speechless. It’s so impressiv. You can find yourself at the beach and some hours later in the Snow at the top of a mountain. IN LOS ANGELES!!! Like whaaat ?!?! But most of the time we drove through the dessert.

I felt asleep and just woke up when we arrived in Vegas. Me, my BF and A. booked a hotelroom in an hotel called “The LINQ“. Little Advice from me: If you have the chance DON’T book at weekends. We paid 240 € for one night with 2 persons… We would have paid around 80€ if would have went there on a weekday. The hotelroom itself was clean, had a good aircondition but was a bit small. (Still ok for one night!)  Also there is a fee that you pay for staying at the hotels in Vegas. (It’s inclueded in the price we paid!) Good thing was that we were directly at the Strip. There was also a pool at our hotel, but we didn’t had time to enjoy the water. So after going into our hotelroom we went for a walking tour through Vegas. And let me tell you that it was waaaaaay better than I expected! I loved all the palm trees and fountains. Also it was finally a city where we could walk everywhere!!!! So we went through all those Casinos and Shops that are inside of every hotel and saw diffrent shows, like the atlantic one. You can also pay for watching a bigger show, like Cirque du Soleil. Then we had Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I had Pasta and a normal Cheesecake with Strawberrys. -YUMMIE- Then we continued our “little” Vegas Tour to Treasure island, Venice, Paris, Egypt, New York and that castle.

Here a little advice: DON’T take one of those cards that those people are clapping with. They just want to offer you naked womans. Then it was time for a first time gambeling try.

– Let’s just say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 😀 – So no millions for me.(ok ok. I am also not a good gambler!)  We got hungry so we decieded to have dinner at secret pizza. Super yummie! After that we walked around and ended up at the Belagio Fountain show. I loved it. Vegas at night is super magical in general. Also Special about Vegas is that you can get everywhere through a tunnel system and you won’t notice what time it is because the fake heaven there is making you forget about the outside.  That was what happend to us so we ended up wondering that it was already 1 am. We felt asleep right away after that amount of walking. It was an awesome day.

That was my first Roadtrip in America, my first time in Vegas, my first time gambeling.

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Greetings and see y’all as soon as possible. Bye bye!


Additional: U21 in Vegas

If you want a hotel room the person who wants to book it has to be 21 at least! And you are not allowed to gamble. My idea would be to try it with a privat accommodation or a hostel! Good luck !



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