2nd Day- Venice beach

Hi Travelbuddys! How are you?

Todays Blogpost is about Venice beach.

So at this morning we used Uber the first time. I was super nervous and scared because we don’t have that in Germany so I have NEVER driven with a person I don’t know.

So we paid less than 10 $ for getting to Santa Monica. My advice for you: Check the prices! The will change super quick. Not every ride will be under 10$!!!  So then it arrived in less than 5 Minutes and i was super happy as we got to the Santa Monica Pier. The driver drove really good and calm so all my worries were gone after that. Also A would NEVER let me do something that could be dangerous in any way for me and Uber was her idea so Thanks again to her! So after this little Story time about our first Uber Ride I want to answer the question that some of you might have. What am I doing at Santa Monica Pier, when I want to go to Venice?!?! Ok. Here is the thing. The Uber Ride to Santa Monica was cheaper than directly to Venice for me aaand you can take a bicycle and ride along the beach! I really wanted to rent a bike at hulu and do this little bike tour. There is a path for bicycles and a path for walking people. But then we looked it up on Google Maps and saw that it would only take  us about 15 minutes with the bikes and half an hour to walk! That was waaay shorter than I thought. So we decided that we would like to take the time and walk the way to Venice beach and maybe taking the bycicle for our way back. So it was really nice walking along the beach while having this amazing view to the ocean. We arrived at Venice beach and walked along all the shops, little restaurants/ snack bars, weed “clinics”, souvenir shops and so on. There were a lot of Artist on the street, especially Tatoo artist! Venice beach was super busy ! A lot of tourist, Artists and homeless people ! I felt safe because of all the over people there so it was ok. I think I wouldn’t go there at night but at the day time i felt fine. I got a beautiful pullover there, which i still really love, and then we searched for food. Ok maybe I searched the little snack stand that i went to when I was in Venice the time before but I couldn’t find it. So we went somewhere else. I had an burrito and my bf a corn dog. May you already noticed that I had mexican food for the second time. So for all those how don’t know anything about LA, yeees it is close to Mexico and noooooo you can’t just go there for the visit. It just has a strong influence on the Culture in Los Angeles and even more in San Diego (because it is even closer to Mexico than LA). – Geography lesson off –

At Venice beach there is also a Skatepark, that you can sit and watch People doing tricks and so on. That is pretty nice too!


After that we looked out for a bike but didn’t find any that we could give back in Santa Monica. That made me pretty sad because I really wanted to do this but we decided to just walk back to Santa Monica Pier. On our way we made some stops at the beach, just enjoying the cold water and the sand on my toe’s.We got home, packed for Vegas and had an amazing evening with A. & J. We went to an beautiful Mexican restaurant where I had a self-made Chips with Guacamole for example and a Taco. (Ok ok. My Obsession with Mexican food is getting very obviously. Sorry for that! )

That was my second day. I really enjoyed it even thought those weed “clinics” were super super weird for me!

In the next Blogpost I will take y’all with me to Vegas.

So stay tuned if you are interested.

Bye- Bye




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