First day – Santa Monica

Hello! It’s monday and time for a new blog post and a looooooot of pictures 😉

Better get excited!

So we had an awesome first morning in America. We chilled a bit and went to Santa Monica with my american friend that thankfully got some time off. And let me tell you that this is one of the prettiest area’s in LA. Beach, shopping, food… you will find all you need! We just enjoyed the ocean first. The waves, the cold water, salty air. I’ve missed that so much!

Then we had lunch. I had a Quesadilla, which was super yummy. It’s like a wrap with chicken meat, beans, sour cream and cheese over it. Sometimes there are more vegetables, depending on where you got it. Then we also got a corn dog. This is a sausage on a stick and a “bread” around it. It looks like a hotdog completely closed but the bread is sweet. You can eat it with mustard or ketchup.

Corn dog
Corn Dog by Andrenna Photography
License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0)

After we had lunch we went over the pier watching the musicians play their songs and watching people walking by. Then my friend had to work so we said goodbye to her and went to the palisade park. The palisade park is basically what you see when you leave the pier on the left. Palm trees, flowers and even animals! We saw a special animal called prairie dogs. They were just chilling there and we didn’t knew what it was at the beginning. I showed this picture arround and they thought that this was a rat, marmot or a squirrel. I was pretty sure that it wasn’t one of those animals and I’ve been right! HA! 😀

  Anyway. This park is super cute. You have an awesome view about the beach and the ocean and there you can do go for a run or just sitting on a bench. Whatever you prefer.We also went to 3rd Street and looked around for a bit. This is my favorite place to shop(Forever21, old Navy, Brandy Melville, urban outfitters..)!!! They also have a lot of restaurants (Cheescakefactory, pinkberry, Chipottle…). So it’s definetly a place to go! Then we went back to the pier to enjoy the sunset… And let me tell you it was breathtaking ! So then it got super cold and we basically just went home to spent some time with our friends.

That was our first day in Santa Monica. I really love that place and can highly recommend it! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. Have a nice day!





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