packing/ gifts for our hosts + long term flight – arriving in LA

Hello folks! How are you today?

Let’s start with another blogpost about my trip to the US.

So the day before we flew to the US I started packing. I know I was super super late but anyway thankfully I have been to US before so I knew what i should pack. If you go to LA (and also Las Vegas & San Francisco) pack for every weather! It can be very hot at daytime and freezing cold in the evening + the AC’s that are everywhere could make it cold too! We also had rain so be prepared!

I packed a big suitcase with all the stuff I wouldn’t need at the flight and a normal backpack with clothes in chase I wanted to change, all my electronic devices (cellphone/ headphones/ charger/ camera), our ESTA, Passports and a neck pillow. Normally I would recommend to take you own blanket with you if you don’t like this thin, plastic blankets from the airline. But Turkish Airlines was so amazing that we thankfully didn’t need to bring that. But I can always recommend: bring your own headphones because the headphones on the plane are super bad! After that I was done packing and felt straight into my bed.

The next day we drove to Frankfurt Airport and there were no bigger issues. We planned 3 hours for everything so we had enough time to relax a little bit at the gate and then finally boarding started! The first flight was 3 hours long to Istanbul. We had less than 2 hours there to change our flights.(Yes, that is super brave! 😀 ) So we basically went directly to the next plane. After we took off we got really good food! We had Turkish delights, and then you got a menu to choose from. I took the minced beef with vegetables for example, with rice and mousse au chocolate as a dessert. They also gave us a little bag with a sleeping mask, toothbrush + toothpaste, lip balm,and shoes for the flights. They only thing that bothered me was that i didn’t find a movie to watch. I had seen most of the films or they were Turkish movies. We tried to sleep a little bit and I watched out of the window as often as I could. It was breathtaking! I love to see landscapes from above. 


After hours of airport waiting, security checks and sitting in a plane we finally made it to LAX. We had to fill out a paper if we brought a lot of money, food and so on. And because I thought chocolate and gummibears were food I crossed it in the paper. So they checked my bags if I had any seeds or stuff and told me I didn’t have to fill that out because it was only chocolate. If you are insecure better ask a flight attendant ! It will save your time. Dear god we were so thankful after we got out of the airport! Luckily we had free wifi at LAX so I could give my friend A. a face time call to meet us there! If you get out of LAX you will find signs with you airline over it. So you can easily say where you are at. We got to our friends (A. and J.) home and just took a shower and gave them our hostgifts. We had an english book with lots of pictures about our area, a wooden Puzzle , a nice notebook to write in, and our candy. They loved it and we also got a little something. They brought us Reeses, Beef Jerkey, a cheap, american mobile phone and sun cream! They spoiled us like crazy and we were so glad they got us the sun cream because we totally forgot about that! And we were super lucky about the phone too, because we thought we would have to get a 60$ prepaaid contract at that time. We talked for a little bit and went to bed.

So that was our arrival! Flighing longterm + getting jetleg is super exhausting. But we survived and so can you! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Hope y’all have a great day!


M xxx



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